Seeking cosmetic treatment for imperfections in your smile can provide dramatic results that are clear to see! While many people have something they would love to improve about their teeth, not everyone realizes how easy treatment can be. If this sounds like you, talk to your dentist about quality smile improvements that you can notice. Addressing your issues with dental discoloration or physical imperfections grants serious mental benefits by alleviating concerns about how you appear to others. You can regain your confidence with a single procedure in one or two afternoons.

At your Redmond, OR, dentist’s office, we provide quality cosmetic improvement for your smile. By enhancing your appearance, we complement the natural beauty that lies beneath any stains or blemishes in your teeth. While enamel discoloration may be difficult to treat at home, our professional service can return the bright white shade that you desire. For minor chips and cracks within your teeth, we also offer a dental bonding solution that allows you to build back up their full structure. Enjoy a brand new smile at Coppertop Dental!

When Your Teeth Begin To Stain

The staining and yellowing of your teeth can come upon quite rapidly. You may find that photographs of yourself from only a few years ago present a much brighter smile. In fact, common food and drinks contribute to this problem and although maintaining a healthy diet can prevent some discoloration, it is a normal problem that affects many individuals.

Tobacco use also contributes heavily to the yellowing of your teeth. Years of smoking, chewing, or other forms harm your oral health in multiple ways including aesthetically. Consider ceasing tobacco use to protect the shade of your teeth in addition to the other benefits of a tobacco-free life. A teeth-whitening treatment can help you remove the remnants of tar left behind when you make the decision to improve your health! Consider this esthetic enhancement a reward for your healthy behavior.

Cosmetic Bonding Builds Up Your Teeth

At Coppertop Dental, we offer tooth bonding services to repair teeth that have been chipped or cracked by years by years of biting and chewing. The application of a composite resin allows you to return a desirable shape without extensive alteration the structure of the tooth itself. The resin’s color blends in naturally with your natural enamel to provide a bright look.

Speak With Your Redmond, OR Dentist About Cosmetic Improvement For Your Smile

Teeth whitening can return the bright look of your enamel by lifting years of stains and blemishes. When you experience physical wear on the surface of your teeth, dental bonding can build them backup. Cosmetic treatments help you feel pride in your appearance. To schedule your consultation for cosmetic enhancement, call your Redmond, OR, dentist, Dr. Campbell, at 541-923-5927.